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Corporate social responsibility

Grow your business while creating a greener world


Want to make your business more pro-environment? Plant trees! 

We have a small dedicated team, no weird rules, and countless reforestation relationships to actually get those trees in the ground where they're needed most. We keep things SIMPLE. Let's work together. 

Here's what we can do

One for one
Plant a tree for every product you sell.

Tie your donations directly to sales. We plant one tree for every $1 donated, so you can promote that one or more trees will be planted for every item purchased.


This is the most common form of partnership because it's clear and simple. Donations can be made monthly, and we'll provide you with logos and images to help with your announcements.

employee engagement
Integrate sustainability into company culture.

We can help your company get employees out to support environmental initiatives. Or use our fundraising platform in creative ways to plant trees anywhere in the world.


We'll provide you with ideas to make it fun, engaging, and cohesive with your day-to-day operations and sustainability goals. 

million tree challenge
Commit to planting 2000 trees per year.

This commitment will ensure that we can create the most positive impact in the regions that need it most. If 500 companies contribute just 2000 each, that's 1 million trees planted - together!


We'll work with you to coordinate the details, and give you an exclusive badge to put on your website.

Some of our partners

Any type of business can plant trees.

We work with all types of companies to think outside the box and create something sustainable and engaging.

No project is too big or too small.

Not your usual day at the office.

We recently partnered with L'Oréal's Citizen Day to plant trees, clean up logs, and maintain the 245-hectare forested reserve at Morgan Arboretum on the McGill University Campus in Montreal, Canada.

Dozens of staff members participated and had a great day getting their hands dirty, doing something positive for the environment, and connecting in a new way. 

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We are working with the House of Marley on reforestation efforts around the world.

Each House of Marley product sold will contribute to positive environmental, social and economic impact through carbon offsets, cleaner air, water filtration, and greater bio-diversity within our world’s forests. This partnership aims to consciously give back to nature, and directly benefit local communities.

Reforestation stories


Ready to Plant some trees?